Are you wondering if Worcester Bosch boilers really last longer than other brands, and why that is?

Maybe you’ve heard that boilers Worcester Bosch are the best value for money long-term, but you’re worried that it’s all a load of hogwash, and that you’re really just paying the extra price for the brand name. After all, all boilers must be pretty much that same – right?

Well, let me set the record straight right now; that’s not true.

Let me tell you my experiences as an engineer working in the Edinburgh area for the past 20+ years. I’ll also tell you why Worcester Bosch boilers really do last longer than other brands.

Do Worcester Bosch boilers actually last longer?

I’m not sure if there’s ever been any actual studies conducted on the longevity of Worcester Bosch boilers. However, just from personal experience, I’ve been going back to Worcester Bosch boilers that have maybe been installed for 18 – 20 years and only just coming to the end of their lives. Some can last even longer.

Out of every boiler brand I’ve ever come across, Worcester Bosch seem to outperform them all in terms of lifespan. Other brands such as Baxi or Ideal – good old British names – seem to last around 10 – 14 years. Vokeras and other Italian brands maybe manage 7 – 12 years.¬†That’s quite a difference, am I right?

So, what makes a Worcester Bosch boiler last longer? Well, let me tell you everything I know…

What makes a Worcester Bosch boiler so reliable?

Worcester Bosch are a premium brand, manufactured from premium parts. One of the ways you can tell is by just how quiet they are. Along with Vaillant, they provide some of the quietest boilers on the market today. Other boilers such as Vokera, or even Baxi and Ideal tend to be noticeably louder.

The other big thing is that Worcester Bosch’s quality control is second-to-none. Every so often, they’ll take off a boiler off the production line – let’s say 1 in 100 – to be checked. They put it on a jig, run it, and test it thoroughly to ensure all the components are right.

These boilers usually pass the test, and get packaged up as normal. However, every so often I’ll come across a boiler with a red dot on it, which means it’s been taken off the production line, tested and double-tested before it’s been put out for sale. That’s how I know their quality control is very high.

One other thing to mention is that Worcester Bosch care a great deal about their products. They always recommend fitting their own-brand magnetic central heating filter – which has just been re-designed to be even more efficient, by the way – and also have an accreditation programme for their engineers.

This means that anyone who becomes Worcester Bosch accredited has been put through vigorous training on how to commission boilers, how to flush the system, and how to correctly install a filter. All of this adds to the life of the boiler.

Advice from an experienced heating engineer?

Want your boiler to last the full distance? One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to always ensure there is corrosion inhibitor in your system. If the system is ever drained down to take off a radiator, or for any other work (decorating etc.), always ensure the engineer or plumber tops it back up again with corrosion inhibitor.

The other thing is to always ensure your boiler gets its annual service every year. This should ideally be carried out by a Worcester Bosch accredited engineer. They should be able to check any pressure issues  Рbut get these seen to immediately if you become aware of them.

This is because if there’s a pressure drop in the system, it can lead to air getting into the system and causing corrosion. And if you’re constantly topping your boiler up with more water, this will thin down the corrosion inhibitor, too. All of this can have a detrimental effect on the life of your boiler. The pressure should stay within 1 bar for six months to a year.

One of my customers fell victim to this a while ago. There was a leak within the concrete floor, but the customer hadn’t contacted us. Instead, she kept topping it up with pressure. This eventually lead to the heat exchanger getting corroded, over three years. Luckily we were able to replace it, add more inhibitor to the system, and replace the corroded copper pipe. She hasn’t had any problems since!


I hope you’ve found this blog helpful. There are a few different factors which make Worcester Bosch boilers last longer than other brands. These include quality components, accredited engineers, and own-brand magnetic central heating filters. Corrosion inhibitor can also be added to ensure your boiler lasts the distance.

And remember, always ensure your boiler gets serviced every year, by an accredited engineer!

Do you have any questions about how long a Worcester Bosch boiler will last? Let me know in the comments. I’ll be happy to help!