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ATAG Boilers – Are They Worth the Money?

Do you want to know more about ATAG boilers? If you're looking for a good quality boiler that'll last you year in, year out and that'll be dependable for years to come, you may have come across this brand. Although, to be honest, not many have heard of the ATAG brand....

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Why are Aluminium Radiators the Warmest You Can Get?

Are you wondering why aluminium radiators are the warmest? Perhaps you think it's a myth, or are just starting to look into aluminium radiators as a viable choice for your home. And let me tell you; they definitely are! In fact, I see no reason not to have them in...

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What are the Warmest Designer Radiators You Can Buy?

Do you need to buy the warmest designer radiators for your home? Perhaps you've already been doing your research - which is how you came across this blog - and know that designer radiators may look fabulous, but they aren't always the warmest. Just like anything, if...

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Do Aluminium Radiators Have Less Water in Them?

Curious about whether aluminium radiators have less water in them? Aluminium radiators are becoming a more popular choice in today's UK households - but not everyone knows about the major benefits that come with them. Some homeowners may even be concerned about how...

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Should You Put Designer Radiators in Your Family Home?

Are you unsure of whether or not you should put designer radiators in your family home? Perhaps you've had a bit of conflicting advice on the subject. Unfortunately these days, everyone and their dog seems to think they're Laurence Lllewelyn-Bowen. Even worse, they...

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