Are you thinking of hiring an accredited Worcester Bosch installer to fit your next boiler?

There are many reasons to choose installers that have been specifically accredited by Worcester Bosch to fit the brand’s own range of boilers – as many of my customers have found out.

After all, being a Worcester Bosch accredited installer takes training and dedication to the brand, so it’s no wonder they’re the best of the best when it comes to installing Worcester Bosch’s range of Greenstar boilers.

So, below are five of the main reasons why you should hire a Worcester Bosch installer:

1. Extra long guarantees

The most obvious reason to hire an installer that has been accredited by Worcester Bosch, is to take advantage of the extended guarantees. The brand’s standard guarantees can be as little as two years (depending on the product), with extended guarantees lasting up to 10 years*.

And the fact that Worcester Bosch’s guarantees are truly no quibble, and currently leading the market, makes this an absolutely fantastic deal – so apart from your annual service, you won’t even have to think about paying for any repairs for years to come!

*To take advantage of the full 10-year guarantee (for some models), you must also fit the brand’s own central heating filter and controls.

2. Expert knowledge and training

No-one knows a Worcester Bosch boiler like an accredited installer does – they’ve gone through all the relevant Gas Safe, OFTEC and/or MCS approval, and for some products, they’ve likely also attending Logic certified training courses on the brand’s specific models, along with other central heating systems.

What’s more, they probably have experience of installing and servicing hundreds of Worcester Bosch boilers under their belts, so you’re going to get the most efficient installation – plus, you’ll know your new boiler’s in good hands.

3. Excellent advice and tips

Because Worcester Bosch accredited installers are trained to be the best, they’ll be able to offer you advice and tips on any of the brand’s boilers, along with which controls they are compatible with. They’re also happy to give you solid advice on pretty much anything relating to your central heating system!

4. Ultimate peace of mind

Worcester Bosch only invited engineers they seem as “reputable, quality-conscious and representing value for money” to join their special accredited installer scheme – it’s not something you can just pay to get into – giving you ultimate peace of mind.

The company also welcomes feedback on all of their accredited installers, so if one of them doesn’t quite match up to the high standards set by the scheme, they can be removed.

5. Access to government grant schemes

Finally, many of the installation companies and heating engineers associated with the Worcester Bosch accredited installer scheme are also accredited for government grant schemes – so you may be able to take advantage of even better value for money!

TIP: The Worcester Bosch website recommends you check with each installer separately about this, as not all will qualify.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, and by now you should have a better understanding of why it makes sense to hire a Worcester Bosch installer when buying a boiler. Not only are they the most qualified people for the job, they can also offer you longer guarantees and give you great tips and advice!

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Need some more help or advice choosing a boiler installer, or have any other related questions about Worcester Bosch? Feel free to leave a comment below, or get in touch with me directly. I’m happy to help!