Are you curious about why Worcester Bosch boilers are more expensive? Afraid you’d just be paying for a brand name?

It’s true that there are other great value deals coming onto the market right now, from the likes of Baxi and Ideal. Some even come with great, 10-year guarantees. So, you may find yourself thinking:

“Why should I pay extra for a Worcester Bosch? Is it really worth it?”

The answer, in my firm opinion, is yes. As an experienced heating engineer in the Edinburgh area, let me tell you why Worcester Bosch boilers are so much more than just a brand name.

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What are you really paying for?

When you invest in a Worcester Bosch boiler (and it is an investment), it will truly last the distance. In fact, they tend to last longer than other brands – up to 16 – 20 years+! And in that time, they rarely ever break down – partly because of their high quality components.

One of the biggest reasons they’re such a favourite with homeowners and engineers alike is that you can install them and then forget about them! (Except for their annual service, that is)

The reasons below are why they’ve been voted Which? ‘Best Buy’ for around 7 years running:

  • High quality components – they don’t wear and tear as much as other brands
  • Great reliability and longevity – they rarely ever break down and tend to last longer
  • Fantastic reputation – they’re the current market leader and Which? ‘Best Buy’ for a reason
  • Comprehensive no-quibble guarantee – the best on the market, when fitted with the brand’s own filter and controls
  • Dedicated engineers for call-outs – no having to rely on agencies or sub-contractors
  • Accredited engineers – they go through training, so your new boiler will be installed with experienced, trained hands

Not to mention, Worcester Bosch have a great range of boilers to suit just about any home and scenario – including compact models – so you’ll be sure to find something that’s right for your home!

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Advice from an experienced engineer

It’s true that other brands are gaining market share right now, and there are some great deals at the moment. If I was a new homeowner, or looking to save a bit of money on a new boiler, I’d probably be very tempted to opt for one of those deals. And I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that!

However, the likes of Baxi and Ideal are yet to prove their longevity. As a brand, Worcester has proved itself time and time again, so if you’re looking for a good quality combi boiler to truly last the distance, without breaking down, Worcester Bosch is a good bet.

As for the others? Time will tell. In the end, the choice is completely yours.


I hope you’ve found this blog helpful when deciding on whether a Worcester Bosch boiler is the right choice for you. Let me assure you though, you’re not just paying for a name. There’s a reason Worcester Bosch is the current market leader, when an unbeatable reputation for quality and reliability. Their guarantees are also top notch, and won’t try to catch you out!

Do you have any other questions about Worcester Bosch boilers? Let me know in the comments’ section. I’d love to hear from you!