Are you wondering how much a Vokera boiler services costs?

Regardless of how old your Vokera boiler is, I’m sure you’re probably aware how important it is to arrange an annual service to ensure it’s safe and running optimally.

Not to mention, if you Vokera boiler is newer, it will ensure your warranty stays valid for another year!

Having been working with boilers for over 20 years now, I’m familiar with the Vokera brand. In fact, I’ve fitted and serviced many in my time. I also know pretty much all there is to know about their common faults and quirks!

So, if you’re worried about how much a Vokera boiler service costs, keep reading.

Vokera boilers: a brief background

Vokera boilers have been around for a while, and happen to be one of the most popular budget boilers for landlords and first-time buyers, as they’re significantly cheaper than premium brand boilers such as Worcester Bosch and Vaillant.

These boilers are manufactured in Italy, and are built to a cost. Because of this, they are typically made using cheaper components, and come with shorter guarantees.

It goes without saying that arranging annual checks is important for any gas appliance. However, if your Vokera boiler is older, it’s even more important, as they can wear down over time.

If you’ve moved into a new home to find a Vokera boiler, it can be difficult to tell if your boiler is five years old or 15. In which case, you might benefit from arranging a service, so you can get a better idea how healthy your Vokera boiler is and how many more years it can give you.

Vokera boiler service costs explained

If your Vokera boiler seems to be running normally, without any faults, a standard service should cost around £100 including VAT. Got to warn you, though – there’s no standard price for servicing. Some smaller companies may charge a little less, whereas large national companies can charge up to £120.

TIP: If you know your Vokera boiler is faulty, please tell the engineer in advance when booking your service. Otherwise, it could end up costing you more – not to mention being frustrating for both parties!

I’d also recommend hiring an experienced Gas Safe registered engineer when arranging a service for your boiler. They should preferably specialise in boilers, rather than being a jack-of-all trades. It may sound obvious, but some plumbers fit baths one day, toilets the next and also service boilers, so may not have the experience.

I’ve personally serviced many Vokera boilers. You have to check for normal wear and tear, as well as various parts such as the pressure relief valve, auto air vent etc.

I’ve had the odd client who asked for a service because their water was only getting lukewarm. They thought calling me would solve their problem, only to find it actually needs a replacement part.

It’s better to replace fault parts now than waiting for the entire boiler to fail.

What’s the best way to pay?

Some of my customers now prefer to pay for their Vokera service up front, however another way to pay is via a service plan. These are usually charged monthly – our standard plan starts at £7.99 per month.

Paying this way allows you to spread out the cost of your boiler service over a year, making it seem like a more manageable cost.

TIP: We also have other service plans to cover parts, labour and cover to the radiators, along with valves and pipework! Check out our servicing page for more information.

The other big benefit? When you pay every month, it becomes the gas engineer’s responsibility to make sure you don’t miss your annual service. So, you’ll never have to experience the panic of missing your annual service again!

From an engineer’s perspective

Unsure of how old your Vokera boiler is? My advice is to look up the make and model online. You could also check your paperwork (if you have it) to get a better idea of when the boiler was installed.

Typically, Vokera boilers tend to last for around 10 – 12 years, but don’t get me wrong – there are exceptions to this and some continue working for up to 18 years! So, when you’re faced with repairs, it’s wise to ask yourself how much more value you can get out of your current boiler.

There will come a point where you’d be cheaper investing in a new model. Plus you’ll enjoy more energy savings that way!

Remember, engineers like myself are governed by the Gas Safe Register, which means your safety has to come first. Even if that means you won’t have heating or hot water for a little while!

Therefore, if we tell you that your Vokera boiler needs to be repaired, or has a fault, there’s a good reason. I promise you we’re not just trying to make your life more difficult!


I hope you’ve found this blog helpful. And now you know how much Vokera boiler service costs, I hope you’ll agree it’s worth it to ensure you and your family are safe.  Plus, ensuring your boiler is running efficiently could save on gas bills!

Need to know more about arranging a service for your Vokera boiler? Either get in touch directly, or leave a comment below. I’m here to help!