Screen_Shot_2015-01-15_at_12.11.22Don’t you just hate vague bills?

Picture the scene: you’re at a restaurant with the family, and you’ve just enjoyed a top-notch meal for five. You’ve asked for the bill, the kids are getting impatient, and you’re already figuring out who needs a bath tonight when the bill arrives.

Unfortunately, it’s not only more than you expected, but it also includes vague charges for things you don’t even understand.

You enjoyed your meal, so will you ask about it, or just pay up?

The good thing about shopping around for a new boiler, is that at least you can expect a quote upfront, right? But what about hidden charges, or unexpected costs?

Below, I’m going to explain why you should always get a detailed written quotation for your new boiler.

Avoid vague bills

Some companies can be very vague when it comes to written quotations, and you could find yourself being handed a boiler quote that simply says the overall cost without detailing exactly what work is being carried out.

A detailed boiler quote should include things such as the type of boiler, how the gas pipe or condensate pipe will be run (if applicable), whether any lifting of carpets or floors is required, or replacement pipes needed.

Do your homework

The best way to ensure you’re getting a good price for your new combi boiler is to first do plenty of online research.

Pick three or four different companies, talk to the engineers, and arrange for home visits when it is convenient for you. (You cannot trust boiler quotes given over the phone, as the engineer will not be able to properly assess the situation and can only estimate the exact cost of fitting your new boiler)

Compare quotes

Compare the quotations you’re given, and clarify that certain things are included in the overall price (such as having the system flushed and cleansed). This will help you determine exactly what you’re paying for.

It’s also worth checking that different engineers will want to carry out exactly the same type of work – if not, why not? Also look out for different types of guarantees you’re offered, and whether the engineers will clean up and remove any rubbish from your property once the work is complete.

Get a fixed price boiler quote

Before you agree to any work being carried out, you should ensure you have been given a fixed price quote. This means the price will not change later on due to any complications or extra added costs.

TIP: You should also expect £400 cashback from your old boiler, or old copper cylinder. Look for this on your boiler quote – if it’s not there, be sure to check whether your chosen company will do this.


Your boiler quote should be as detailed as possible, so you can see exactly what you’re paying for. If you’re handed a vague quote by an engineer, ask for clarification and a full details of what’s include in the price.

It may be convenient to choose the first engineer who quotes you an affordable price, but it is definitely worth researching all the facts online and getting a few different quotes so that you can be sure you’re getting the best price.

Your quote should be a fixed price, and include the bottom-line cost of your boiler, including any labour charges and VAT.