Curious about why Worcester Bosch sells more boilers than any other in the UK?

It’s a very good question. Some people worry that when they buy a Worcester Bosch boiler, they’ll just be paying for a brand name. They’re not sure it’s worth the extra pennies when now you can get a perfectly good Ideal boiler with a 10 or even a 12-year guarantee.

Got to admit, I’ve been one of Worcester Bosch’s biggest supporters. Why? Well, because they just work. I find I can just installed them in a home, and leave them – aside from their annual service!

But what is actually so good about them – and why do they sell more boilers than any other? Well, as a seasoned engineer who has been installing and service boilers in the Edinburgh area – Worcester Bosch and otherwise – I’m going to tell you.

Why does Worcester Bosch sell the most boilers?

This story starts 12 years ago. It was when Worcester Bosch first became the UK’s best-selling boiler. They took the no.1 slot from Vaillant – who have dramatically gone down the list now, in 2018 (but that’s another story).

For the past 12 years, they’ve been no.1 *INSERT LINK*. So, how did they achieve this prestige and keep it? Well, it was partly down to some very smart timing. You see, when other boiler manufacturers – the likes of Ideal, Ariston, Baxi and Malvern – were releasing the first condensing combis, they were all competing to get them on the market.

They ended up releasing combis that were littered with problems. This was mainly due to faulty manufacturing and technology. This meant a lot of homeowners were very unhappy.

So, what did Worcester Bosch do? They waited. If other manufacturers had got it right they may have missed the boat. In my opinion i think they stripped down all of these faulty combis and took a good look at them. They pinpointed the faults, and made a better version. Essentially, they did the same as Japan did with British motorcycles – the result of which had a long-term effect on the market.

So, by learning from others’ mistakes, they gained an unbeatable reputation. Soon, they got the attention of Which? magazine, and have been ‘Best Buy’ for over eight years now.

So when Worcester Bosch introduced their first condensing boiler to the market it worked first time and was reliable.

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Can Worcester Bosch maintain the top slot?

I’m not so sure of this anymore. Ideal have been catching up, by coming back at the top of their game – and they’re quickly closing the gap! *INSERT LINK* 

They’re now releasing very innovative new technology, and have invested a lot of money in research and development – not to mention customer support. They’re even offering fault-finding, self-diagnosing controls.

Even better, they’ve recently put out a 12-year guarantee on some of their boilers.

I just don’t know how Worcester Bosch are going to compete, but it does make for some very interesting times, and I can’t wait to see how this goes!

Advice from an experienced engineer

I’m always been a big supporter of Worcester Bosch, so I’m a little bit nervous for them. They did work hard to get to be the no.1 best-selling boiler brand in the UK, but is it time for a shake-up? Who can say. My advice for now is to watch this space and see how things develop.

Regardless of what else is happening on the market right now, Worcester Bosch are still a top, premium brand in my eyes. Let’s see how well they can keep up with the latest wave of innovation in the boiler world.


I hope this blog has helped give you some background on why Worcester Bosch sell so many boilers here in the UK. They do have the best reputation around, and for good reason. I’m just interested to find out what they’re going to do next to ensure they stay at no.1.

Do you have any questions about Worcester Bosch as a brand? Let me know in the comments. I’ll get back to you!