Do you need to buy the warmest designer radiators for your home?

Perhaps you’ve already been doing your research – which is how you came across this blog – and know that designer radiators may look fabulous, but they aren’t always the warmest.

Just like anything, if you’re investing a considerable amount in radiators for your home, you’ll want more bang for your buck.

That’s what I always want for my customers, too. Which is why I’ve put together this blog post, to help you pick out the warmest designer radiators you can buy!

TIP: Check on my blog post on why designer radiators don’t give out the same heat as standard white pressed steel ones. Hopefully I’ve done a good enough job of explaining this weird but true fact!

What are the warmest designer radiators?

Any designer radiator which has air fins between the panels will produce more heat. This is because it draws the cold air from underneath, and convects out the top as hot air rises. To give you some examples:

  • The Quinn Slieve H22S
  • The Quinn Slieve V20
  • The Stelrad Concord vertical

These are all designer radiators I can happily recommend to my customers, as they’re some of the warmest on the market.

Now, you’ll note the Quinn horizontal radiator can give out more heat than the vertical for the same size. This is due to the fact that horizontally, it draws more air in, so convects more heat.

The Stelrad Concord doesn’t have a panel and fins behind it. However, the radiator’s panel waterways are designed like fins. The result? They still draw up the cold air, making them a lot more efficient than other vertical radiators.

What about different colours?

This often comes as a surprise, but the colour of radiators you choose may affect the heat output to your home. Say, if you were to choose some of the examples I’ve given above, but ordered them all in black – this is the worst colour you can choose. You’ll actually lose up to 15% of the overall heat output.

Other popular ones are graphite grey or chrome. These aren’t quite so bad, but you’ll still lose about 5% of the heat output by installing these instead of lighter colours such as white. If you’re not sure on whether the colours you choose could impact on the warmth of your rooms, check with an engineer.

TIP: There’s also nothing stopping you from mixing and matching different colours and styles of designer radiators!

Advice from an experienced engineer

I have been to many homes where customers have replaced standard panel radiators with vertical designer radiators. They’ve then called us in, as the room doesn’t seem warm enough. The only solution really is to add an additional radiator – or replace the existing with larger, better output radiators.

This can be a very costly mistake!

Planning on doing a lot of research and choosing the best high output, warmest designer radiators? In that case, don’t forget to measure carefully – or get a professional to do it for you. Don’t let all your hard-earned cash go to waste on fixing a very simple error!

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I hope you’ve found this blog helpful when looking for the warmest designer radiators money can buy. If you look out for ones that have air fins between the panels, or choose any of the designer radiators I’ve mentioned above, you won’t go far wrong. But remember, colour can also impact heat.

Do you have any questions about designer radiators? Let me know in the comments. I’ll be happy to help!