Are you wondering what funding is available for a new boiler in 2018?

I know how expensive it can be to get a new boiler these days. Especially when you’ve just moved home, or your old boiler has suddenly given up the ghost.

It’s unexpected expenses like these that can really hit families the hardest. But what can you do?

Luckily, there IS help out there.

As an experienced Edinburgh engineer, I’ve highlighted five of the best ways you can access funding for your new boiler installation.

1. Home Energy Scotland loan

The Home Energy Loan – recent successor of the HEEPS loan – is by far your best bet. You can get up to £32,500 interest free to pay for various improvements to your home. This includes up to £5,000 on a new boiler. And, up to £500 on new heating controls! Cashback is also available, with up to £400 on a new boiler.

You must apply for your loan via Home Energy Scotland, who can send out an application form. This form will also contain full terms and conditions of your loan.

I’ve just written a blog on the Home Energy Scotland loan, so you can find out more by clicking on the link!

2. Scrappage/cashback/trade-in

A lot of boiler companies/installers will offer £400 cashback on your old boiler via their scrappage scheme. Due to the high price of scrap metal, you should be able to get £400 cashback for your old boiler! This is great, as it helps towards the cost of your new one. So, always check to see if a company will offer cashback for scrapping your old boiler.

Companies such as Scottish Power or British Gas also offer these schemes.

3. Deferred credit

You’ll find some installers also offer deferred credit. But be careful! While ‘buy now, pay in six months’ might sound really appealing, some will charge a premium for this. So, check the quote is reasonable, and also be sure to query the interest rate.

TIP: Some installers may offer an interest free option for an agreed term, and then start charging interest if you’re unable to pay once that period is up.

Best advice here? Shop around, and see what you can find!

4. Consumer credit

Some installers will have their own consumer credit licence, and will be happy to offer credit deals. For instance, you might find a boiler with a year of interest free credit, or credit covering a period of up to 10 years. The average APR for these deals is around 9.9%, but be careful. Some may be even higher!

TIP: You might find you’re actually a lot better paying with a credit card.

5. Payment via credit card

I’ve said in the past that this should be your last option, however if it’s a choice between a credit card or consumer credit with a much higher interest rate, I know which one I’d go for! The other bonus of credit cards is that they offer you double protection if anything were to go wrong with your installation, or if your installer ups and leaves.


Been hit with the sudden expense of having to install a new boiler? The good news is, funding is available for a new boiler in 2018. I’ve highlighted your five best options above, but please remember these are always changing, so it might pay off to do some extra research.

Good luck!

Do you have any questions about what funding is available for a new boiler in 2018? Let me know in the comments below. I’ll do my best to respond!