Curious about whether aluminium radiators have less water in them?

Aluminium radiators are becoming a more popular choice in today’s UK households – but not everyone knows about the major benefits that come with them.

Some homeowners may even be concerned about how they fare against standard radiators – you might have heard, for example, that they don’t use as much water as standard radiators and you aren’t quite sure what that means for your home.

As an experienced engineer, let me assure you right now – there’s no reason to worry. In fact, if you’re about to buy new radiators, you might even be really glad you read this blog post!

Do aluminium radiators have less water in them?

Yes, aluminium radiators DO have less water in them! But this is by no means a bad thing. In fact, aluminium radiators are more efficient at conducing heat, and because they transfer the heat into your rooms faster, they require less water from your boiler.

This means that they heat up faster – but they also cool down faster, too. The result? A lot less wasted energy! Because aluminium radiators are fairly new to the UK, it’s hard to say exactly how much energy you could save with them compared to standard white pressed steel radiators. But you’re probably looking at around a 5 – 10% saving off your yearly bill.

Other benefits of aluminium radiators

There are so many other great advantages of aluminium radiators to take into consideration. For one thing, they’re not that expensive – but they can look great in your home! They’re also super light and fairly easy to install.

They also come with guarantees of up to 10 – 20 years! (True fact: they don’t corrode like standard radiators do). And you can even buy them in a variety of different colours and styles. So, don’t dismiss them without taking a proper look at what’s on offer.

TIP: For more information on the benefits – and everything else you need to know – about aluminium radiators, check out our blog on the subject. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Advice from an experienced engineer

The main thing to bear in mind here is that your choice should really come down to personal taste and budget. There’s no harm in thoroughly doing your research and seeing what you can get for your money. Check out to get a better idea of some of the styles and colours out there.

Aluminium radiators are becoming more popular, but not many people are aware of them right now. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t a great investment! They have an entirely different look and feel to them, and they’ve been more of a thing in Italy and France for a while now.

So, if you want something a little different that doesn’t break the bank, aluminium radiators may be a great choice!

I fitted these for the first time around 20 years ago, for an Italian lady who wanted something different than your bog-standard radiators. She hated the aesthetic. These are a bit more of a feature or statement. When I saw them, I could totally understand why!

It wasn’t long after that I began to realise how great an alternative aluminium radiators were. I’ve sold many since, but the only reason I’ve known about these for so long was because of that lady who was looking for something a bit more unusual than the every-day.


There we have it! Aluminium radiators DO have less water in them! If you’re only just beginning your journey researching aluminium radiators, I’d highly recommend taking a proper look at what’s out there. They have so many great benefits, such as being super efficient!

Take a look at what’s out there on websites such And don’t forget to get your chosen engineer to help advise on heat outputs before you buy!

Could aluminium radiators be a good choice for your home? If you have any other questions, let me know in the comments. I’m always around to help!