Are you curious about where you might be able to relocate your boiler?

Whether you’re thinking about getting a new boiler imminently, or are planning on renovating your house and putting an extension in, it never hurts to know your options.

Luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place! I get asked by customers about this all the time – some of whom just aren’t aware of the possibilities when it comes to relocating a combi boiler!

So, as an experienced engineer, let me tell you 4 of the main places you can relocate your combi boiler. Let’s begin!

1. Your attic

Typically, your attic is a space that you don’t really get much use out of. So, if you’ve currently got your boiler in your kitchen, say, you may be dreaming of that extra space. It’s great because it means it’s out of the way, and you can still control your heating via controls located elsewhere in your house. Or even via your smartphone if you have smart controls like the Worcester Bosch Wave.

However, just be sure that you choose a quiet boiler, such as a Worcester Bosch or Vaillant. This is because if your attic is directly above your bedrooms (like in many homes), any small noise or vibration will be heard. Another option is to build a small cupboard around it, to help further reduce any noise.

2. The garage

This is becoming quite a popular option. The reason being, people don’t really use garages for cars much anymore. They’re more seen of as a storeroom for bikes and general household rubbish.

The good thing about this option is that a garage is accessible, and your chosen engineer won’t have to worry about leaving any mess in your house. There’s no dirty tools or anything that could stain your carpet. Plus, a garage is usually located quite close to a bathroom or kitchen, which is good for flow rates, too.

3. A basement or outhouse

This can be a great option for anyone who’s thinking about maybe building an extension, or renovating their home. Alternatively, you might just want your boiler completely out of the way! A basement or outhouse is also really accessible for servicing, which makes it easier for your engineer.

4. A storage cupboard or utility room

Finally, those lucky enough to have a utility room might find it’s an ideal place to stick their boiler! It seems like a natural place for it to be, and your utility room is usually located quite close to your kitchen, too. Again, great for flow rates!

Alternatively, a large storage cupboard will allow you to perhaps make more space in your kitchen, or get that noisy boiler away from your bedroom!

Advice on where to relocate your combi boiler

Still unsure of where might be best to relocate your combi boiler? The best advice I can give you is to find an engineer and explain you’re still in the research phase. He or she might be able to take a look around your home – or look at your plans if you’re renovating/building an extension – and give you some advice. They might even think of places that hadn’t occurred to you!

I had a customer in Glasgow recently, and we fitted a boiler in his basement. We fitted it directly underneath his kitchen, and used a horizontal unvented cylinder due to the height. Originally, British Gas had told him that this would be impossible, despite there being plenty of access and space. They told him it simply wouldn’t fit, due to the necessary pipework and valves etc. that were required.

Just goes to show, an experienced engineer can usually find a way!

We also fitted smart controls for his boiler, so that he’d be able to control his heating without trudging down to the basement every time.


Looking for ideas for where you can relocate your combi boiler? Well, these are the four most common places my customers choose to relocate theirs. Maybe it’s helped you get some inspiration! However, if you’re still stuck for ideas, or just aren’t sure if something is possible, I’d recommend speaking to an experienced engineer. They should help advise your further.

Do you have any other questions about relocating your combi boiler? Let me know in the comments’ section. I’d love to hear from you!