worcester-baxiThese days when we’re out shopping, we’re provided with plenty of big, household names – which often pose many of life’s difficult questions. For instance, do you go for Heinz or Baxter’s tomato ketchup? Kellogg’s or Nestle cereal?

In our experience, it can be just as tough when it comes to choosing your new boiler, which is why today we’re pitting two giants against each other; Worcester Bosch vs. Baxi Potterton combi boilers.

First, let’s look at the Baxi Potterton pros and cons:

Pros of a Baxi Potterton combi boiler

  • Cost: Baxi Potterton boilers can work out as slightly cheaper than Worcester Bosch, depending on the type of guarantee you go for: silver (five years), gold (seven years) and platinum (10 years).
  • Household name: Baxi Potterton is a recognisable, British brand.
  • Dedicated engineers: Baxi has its own range of specially-trained technicians.
  • Manufacturers in the UK: parts are readily available off-the-shelf.
  • Longer flue distances: Baxi’s twin-flue system can run longer distances than Worcester’s – up to 17 metres, allowing for more options when it comes to choosing where to place your boiler.

Cons of a Baxi Potterton combi boiler

  • Confusing guarantees: the various guarantee levels Baxi offer can be confusing, and you could probably get better value for money by paying for an extra year with Worcester (at around £100 extra), rather than the seven-year guarantee with Baxi.
  • More prone to leaks and problems: Baxi boilers are generally less reliable than Worcester boilers.
  • Less recognition: independent sources such as Which rate other boilers (such as Worcester Bosch) higher than Baxi Potterton.
  • Poor customer service: Baxi’s reputation for customer service does not stand up to other brands, despite having its own dedicated team of engineers.

Pros of a Worcester Bosch combi boiler

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  • A market leading guarantee (up to eight years)
  • Network of trained, accredited installers: peace of mind that your new boiler will be installed to the exact brand specifications, plus you’ll get a longer guarantee.
  • Which Best Buy: voted by consumers for the fourth year running. Also recognised as one of the quietest and most reliable boilers on the market.
  • A boiler for every home and situation: including a compact range to fit any kitchen cupboard or cabinet.
  • Magnetic central heating filter: protects your system against any nasty sludge build-up.
  • Dedicated Worcester trained professionals: on-call when you need them, with great customer service.
  • Manufacturing plant in the UK and Germany: means parts are readily available without being expensive or difficult to source.

Cons of a Worcester Bosch combi boiler

  • No twin-flue system: unlike Baxi, Worcester boilers cannot be run from longer distances in your home, giving you less options of where to install.
  • Often thought of as overpriced: many assume they are paying for branding rather than better quality.
  • Compact models harder to service: Worcester’s range of compact combi boilers can sometimes make it more difficult (or more fiddly) for engineers to service.
  • More expensive add-ons: Worcester tend to promote their own branded add-ons, which are typically more expensive than other brands.

So, there we have it. But which boiler is best?

Well, if there’s one thing we can take away from this article, it’s certainly fair to say that both these big-name boilers have their pros and cons.

It’s also absolutely vital that you do your research and check the type of guarantee your chosen boiler comes with, as that can make a significant difference when it comes to the overall value of your new combi boiler.

Superwarm always choose Worcester Bosch boilers over any other brand, mainly due to their reputation as being one of the most reliable boilers on the market.