Are you looking for a good quality, reliable Vaillant boiler for your large Edinburgh property?

If so, your eyes have probably already wandered to the Vaillant EcoTEC Exclusive 832 and the 838 combi boilerss – but what’s the real difference between them?

Glad you asked, because I’m going to tell you everything you need to help make your final decision, in this special blog.


It’s easy to see why you’d choose a Vaillant boiler; they’re ultra reliable (in my eyes the only direct competitor to Worcester Bosch), and Quiet Mark accredited – they’re actually one of the quietest boilers on the market.

The EcoTEC Exclusive range can deliver optimum performance and high central heating outputs which means these boilers are absolutely ideal for larger properties (around 3-4 bedrooms). But let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Output and flow rate

Both of these boilers promise a decent central heating output to comfortably heat large homes, although the 838 offers a slightly higher output (3kW higher, to be exact) at 30kW.

The flow rates are also impressive. If you have two showers and a bath in your property, I’d again recommend sizing up to the 838 as it has that extra oomph, providing a grand total of 15.2 litres per minute compared to the 832’s 12.9.

However, the main deciding factor here should be your water pressure, and I’d recommend your engineer check your incoming pressure before fitting the 838. This is because if your incoming water pressure is lower than 15.2 litres per minute, you simply won’t get the benefit.

Size and extra features

At 800mm high, 480mm wide and 450mm deep, this is quite a physically large boiler and therefore will not fit in your kitchen cupboard, unlike the EcoTEC Plus range.

Probably the best place to fit this boiler is on your kitchen wall (it looks quite nifty if you have the space) or in a larger storage cupboard.

Another nice feature of this boiler is its blue backlit scrolling text display, which means you’ll be able to clearly read your boiler’s status even in poorly lit rooms.


Both of these boilers come with a brilliant 7-year guarantee,*and much like Worcester Bosch, Vaillant also has its own dedicated engineers to attend call-outs if you ever need them. However, unlike Worcester Bosch, you don’t have to fit any extra heating filters or controls to get the longer guarantee, so it can actually save you money.

You’ll also find there’s no hidden small print or unexpected credit card charges to catch you out, unlike other similar boiler companies.

At a glance

Tech specs for the Vaillant EcoTEC Exclusive 832

  • Heating output: 27kw
  • Hot water output: 31.4kw (12.9 litres per minute)
  • Ideal for: Large 3-4 bedroom home with a shower and bath
  • ERP rating: A, 88.8% efficiency
  • Guarantee: 7 years*

Tech specs for the Vaillant EcoTEC Exclusive 838

  • Heating output: 30kw
  • Hot water output: 37.2kw (15.2 litres per minute)
  • Ideal for: Large 3-4 bedroom home with two showers and a bath
  • ERP rating: A, 88.9% efficiency
  • Guarantee: 7 years*


If you’re in need to a quality Vaillant boiler for your large Edinburgh home, the EcoTEC Exclusive 832 and 838 are probably already on your radar. In this review, I set out to make the choice even easier, by highlighting the main differences between them both.

Both offer a good level of outputs to the central heating and hot water, although I always recommend opting for the 838 if you have two showers and a bath. However, get your engineer to run a water pressure test before you decide, as you may not get the full benefit of the 838 if your incoming pressure isn’t high enough.

These boilers can fit in your kitchen, or large storage cupboard, and feature a lovely blue backlit scrolling display for high visibility. Top it all off with a fantastic 7- year guarantee, and you’ll be covered for all eventualities.

Which Vaillant EcoTEC Exclusive boiler will you choose?

* 7-year guarantee if fitted by Vaillant accredited installer.