Have you heard the news about Vaillant’s extended warranties yet?

On February 29th 2016, premium boiler manufacturer Vaillant scrapped its free extended warranties to new customers.

This could be bad news if you had your heart set on buying a Vaillant boiler in future. Gone are the days where you could buy a Vaillant boiler and take advantage of a free extended 7-year or 10-year warranty with dedicated engineers.

Below, I’m going to give you my own opinion of why Vaillant might have done this, as well as some expert advice on what to do if you’re still considering buying a new boiler from Vaillant.

Why has Vaillant ended free extended warranties?

I can only give my own personal opinion on this, so bear in mind this is mere speculation on my part, but it could be because of financial reasons such as looking for higher margins with less money to be spent on call-outs.

Or it could simply be due to the sheer number of call-outs Vaillant receives on faulty boilers during the first 7 to 10 years, despite the brand having a great reputation for long-lasting quality.

It’s a bit of a puzzler, but I suppose there’s no use splitting hairs about something that’s already taken effect. However, I have customers who are paying for good products and want good guarantees, and I have never known manufacturers to cut warranties like this, which is why I find it alarming.

Over the years, products have become more reliable, hence why guarantees are generally getting longer and longer. Also, good must be fit for purpose; under European law the general standard is five years of use.

What can you expect from Vaillant warranties now?

Well, it’s not all bad news when it comes to Vaillant guarantees. Let me paint the picture for you:

If you were to buy a boiler either from a wholesaler or from a non-accredited installer, your guarantee will cover two years on EcoTEC Pro models and five years on EcoTEC Plus models.

However, if your new Vaillant boiler is supplied and fitted by an accredited installer, your guarantee will last five years on EcoTEC Pro models and seven years on EcoTEC Plus models.

So, we’re looking at a reduction of two years on the Pro model and three years on the Plus model. However, you CAN pay extra if you have your heart set on Vaillant and want an extended warranty. Quoted directly from Vaillant’s email:

EcoTEC Pro boiler warranty options

  • Advance Member Extended Warranty – 5 Years
  • Optional Upgrade Warranties – 6 years (£30), 7 years (£60), 8 years (£90), 9 years (£120) and 10 years (£150)

EcoTEC Plus boilers warranty options

  • Advance Member Extended Warranty – 7 Years
  • Optional Upgrade Warranties – 8 years (£90), 9 years (£120) and 10 years (£150)

NOTE: The above costs do not include VAT, so add 20% for your final costs.

What if you already have a Vaillant extended warranty?

Don’t panic! The good news is that if your boiler was installed and registered before 29th February 2016, you can still take full advantage of the extended warranty you would have qualified for when it was fitted and supplied by an accredited installer at the time.

Thinking of buying a new boiler?

If you are in the market for a new boiler, and were considering Vaillant as a possibility, my advice to you is to research all your options and look at what else is out there before making your decision.

For instance, if you were looking for a 32kw combi boiler with a 10-year guarantee and fitted with a wireless programmable thermostat and magnetic filter, you may find you’re better off with a 33kw Baxi boiler, which is some £400 cheaper than Vaillant’s model while offering a longer guarantee.

Worcester Bosch is the most well-known brand name and market leader, and offers a boiler that’s around £100 cheaper than Vaillant’s model equivalent. And remember, the 10-year guarantee covers Worcester Bosch’s boiler, controls and filter, too.


I hope you’re not too disheartened about Vaillant’s new warranty changes. Like I said above, it’s definitely a wise move to review all of your options before making a decision based on what you can afford, and there are plenty of other boiler manufacturers out there with fantastic reputations for quality and longevity.

And if you do have your heart set on a Vaillant boiler with extended warranty, it is possible to pay extra for the peace of mind and reassurance you need – it’s just quite a hefty price!

What do you think about Vaillant scrapping its free extended warranties? Let me know in the comments.