Curious about exactly how much a Vaillant boiler service costs?

Whether your Vaillant boiler is new or old, you probably already know how vital it is to arrange your annual service on time, every time.

Regular service checks most importantly ensure your boiler is safe to use, but they also keep it running optimally. Plus, if you have a newer model, your warranty will remain valid for another year.

Having personally serviced and fitted many Vaillant boilers over the years, I know these models inside out; including all the quirks and common faults that come with them.

So, below, I’m going to shed a bit more light on the brand, and tell you exactly how much an annual Vaillant boiler service costs.

Vaillant boilers: a brief background

There’s so much to say about the Vaillant brand, but perhaps most famously, they were the original inventor of the combi boiler. Over the past few decades, Vaillant has been at the forefront of German heating and engineering excellence.

They sell one of the quietest boilers on the market (having won awards), but Vaillant are also well-known for manufacturing boilers that truly last the distance. They’ve also recently made a large Scottish investment in the form of a dedicated training centre.

Just like any boiler or gas appliance, it’s important to arrange annual checks, however, it’s even more important for older Vaillant models.

If you’ve recently moved house to find a Vaillant boiler in your cupboard, it may not be obvious if your Vaillant boiler is five or 15 years old. Arranging a service can give you a much better idea of its health and life expectancy.

Vaillant boiler service costs explained

If your Vaillant boiler is working normally, with no known faults, a regular service should cost you roughly around £100 including VAT. However, there’s no set standard in terms of pricing, so some companies may charge a little less, with national companies ranging from £110 – £120.

TIP: If you know your boiler has a fault, please inform the engineer in advance when booking your service. Leaving it until they arrive could be frustrating for both parties, and may cost more.

I’d also always recommend using a Vaillant accredited installer when arranging a service for your boiler, because of the knowledge and training they have under their belt. It makes such a difference.

Here at Superwarm, we receive many calls from people who find us on the internet, as we’re Vaillant accredited engineers. It also means we get jobs passed directly from Vaillant’s service department if they are too busy to respond.

What’s the best way to pay?

Some customers like to pay for their Vaillant service up front, however I’m finding one of the most popular options with my customers is our service plan. This is actually something offered by many Edinburgh companies.

Service plans are usually charged monthly – our standard one starts at £7.99 per month. This allows you to spread out the cost of your boiler service over a year. Many people prefer monthly payments, as they are a less noticeable and easy way to pay.

TIP: We also have other service plans to cover parts, labour and cover to the radiators, along with valves and pipework! Check out our servicing page for more information.

There’s also another advantage. When paying monthly, the responsibility of arranging your annual service falls on the company, rather than you as the homeowner. So, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to book!

From an engineer’s perspective

Unsure about the age of your Vaillant boiler? Simply look up the make and model on the internet. Checking your paperwork (if you have it) can also help you pinpoint how old it is. Servicing older models is usually no problem, but even premium brands like Vaillant only last 16 – 20 years.

As for repairs, if they are needed, I would advise you spend up to a maximum of £450 repairing your Vaillant wall-hung combi. This is because it’d mostly likely still have plenty of life left in it. However, when it gets to 16+ years old, it might be time to think about replacing it for a new A-rated model.

And by doing so, you’d almost definitely save money on your energy bills!

Remember, engineers like myself have to put safety above all other considerations (such as the customer having heating and hot water). They are governed by the Gas Safe Register.

Therefore, if an engineer points out a defect, necessary repair work, or changes to meet new regulations – it’s for good reason. They aren’t just doing it for fun or to be a jobsworth!


I hope you’ve found this blog useful when determining how much a Vaillant boiler service costs. It’s a price worth paying to ensure you and your family are kept safe – plus, if your boiler isn’t running optimally, it could lead to higher fuel bills!

Want to know more about arranging a service for your Vaillant boiler? Just pop your question in the comments’ section, and I promise to answer when I can!