15623389_sAre you a landlord with a boiler that needs replacing?

If so, then you have a problem, because cold tenants look for new places to live.

Landlord’s Situation

Perhaps nothing turns happy, rent-paying tenants into irritable non-rent paying tenants faster than no heat and no hot water. So if you’re a landlord and your boiler needs replacing, you need a quote, fast.

Pick Your Partner Wisely

You also need to work with a company big enough to have the resources, engineers and materials you require on site and ready to go, so they can fulfill a number of boiler replacement jobs, fast.

“Joe the plumber” might do a great job but he’s only one guy, and can only be in one place at one time; which could mean weeks before your tenants have their heat back on.

So be sure to work with a reputable company with the manpower and resources to meet your timeframe.

You Are the Customer

When getting a quote, make sure an engineer is able to visit your property, inspect the situation and email you a quote. Also make sure you’re working with a company that can scale to meet your demands.

Your Situation Is Unique

Your situation may not be as straight-forward as a smaller company would like it to be. Maybe you live in Africa, and your boiler needs replacing in Edinburgh. It’s important to find a service provider who doesn’t mind doing business in a way that meets your needs.

So what if you live in Africa? Why should that be a problem? The answer is, it shouldn’t be, and when picking your partner, make sure they’re happy to accommodate you.

The Right Way

Of course, always get a fully detailed fixed quote in writing (not an estimate) and be sure to work with only gas safe registered engineers. Also, good companies have charters or a set of values to assure you that they’ll take good care of your property, be neat and tidy, and that they’ll show up on time.

You deserve to have a clean home and to work with contractors you can trust not to waste your time.

Just For Good Measure

If you’re a landlord, having a backup plan is a bit like carrying an umbrella; it keeps you from getting caught out in the rain. As a backup plan, you should consider having an electric shower and having some portable electric heaters you can drop off into your properties if their boilers ever breakdown. Because the less time your tenants spend being unhappy, the happier they’ll be.

And as we’ve mentioned already, happy tenants are more likely to pay their rent on time.


Remember this … Work with a company that can accommodate you! Not the other way around. Your time is valuable, so make sure your engineers know this, and respect it.


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