Do you need an affordable boiler replacement, fast? It can be daunting to suddenly find yourself without heating and hot water, especially if you have a family to support.

My customers are my number one priority. If your boiler has been condemned, or you cannot afford expensive repairs, don’t panic.

I’m going to talk you through how to find the best boiler to match your tight budget, below.

Your first steps

Your best buddy in this situation is the internet. The first thing you need to do is go online and look at the range of cheap boilers available.

You’ll probably come across a few different brand names, such as Glow-worm, Ferolli, Vokera, and Ideal. What you’re really looking for is a boiler with a good reputation and range of features, but also reasonably priced.

All these brands have their pros and cons, so I’d recommend picking a brand such as Glow-worm which comes the closest to delivering the best of both worlds when it comes to quality and price.

Another good tip is to check the online reviews to see if any of the boilers you’re considering seem particular prone to issues with error codes or build quality.

What to look for

There are plenty of important aspects you need to consider when picking your cheap boiler – aside from price, that is.

When considering a cheap boiler, you should really be thinking about:

  • Reliability – Ideally, you’ll need a boiler that won’t break down every few months.
  • Guarantee – A good guarantee should cover you for parts AND labour. Try to find one that will cover you to five or six years, rather than the standard two.
  • Energy efficiency – Look for a boiler that is A-Rated, as it will be cheaper to run and you’ll see the difference in your heating bills.
  • Readily available parts – cheap boilers tend to be made of cheaper components, so they may need to be replaced. Opt for a boiler brand that is manufactured in the UK.
  • Dedicated engineers – This means engineers will be experienced with working on your particular brand of boiler, so you’ll get the best possible service.
  • Good customer service – Check whether there is a number to contact, and whether their other customers have had any complaints about the level of aftercare service available.
  • Free add-ons/extras – Not essential, but always a bonus when you can get extras such as a free boiler clock, flue or external controls.

Is it worth it to buy a cheap boiler online?

This is a very good question. Many of my customers are tempted to buy a cheap boiler separately either online or from a warehouse – and both of these options could save you money.

There are lots of plumbing merchants and heating engineer suppliers to choose from – you may have heard of the main one, City Plumbing Supplies. Their online sister company, PlumbNation, also has cheap cheap boilers for sale.

The benefit of buying from an online store is that you’ll have the comfort of browsing from your own home, and you can also get some very good discounts – assuming you’ve done the research first and know exactly what you’re buying.

However, the downside means that you may have to pay for extra parts separately (controls, flues, pipework, fittings etc.) and also, you’ll only get a standard manufacturer guarantee.

TIP: You may get a good price when you buy online, but watch out for extra charges, as some companies can charge anything up to £60 just for delivery. Also, you won’t have an installer to fall back on if there are any problems with the packaging, delivery or parts.


If you’re ever in need of a faster cheap boiler solution, it can be hard to know where to turn. But don’t panic! The internet is your friend, and you’ll be able to find a wealth of different cheap boiler options and deals available. Weigh up the pros and cons when considering different brands, and don’t forget to check online reviews. You may find it DOES NOT work out cheaper to buy a cheap boiler separately online or from a warehouse than getting one directly from an installer – Also watch out for extra delivery charges if buying online.