Do you feel it’s time to take full control over your central heating yet?

You may already know by now that there are some great systems out there that allow you to switch your heating on and off in different rooms – and even control the temperature in each – via your smart phone or tablet.

If not, this is going to come a great news!

Over recent years, I’ve installed these systems in many customers’ homes, and I even have one of my own – the result? Brilliant savings on your energy bills (up to £150 a year!), plus a more comfortable, energy efficient home.

I’ve already covered some of the best multi-zone programmable thermostats (such as Honeywell Evohome and Worcester Bosch’s Wave system), so I reckoned it was about time that we introduced you to the Hive thermostat.


What is Hive?

Hive Active is a multi-functional programmable room thermostat which can be controlled remotely via a tablet or smartphone (all you need to do is download the app and connect the device to your wireless router).

It not only looks the part, it also has a geolocation feature so you can control your central heating from anywhere in the world (as long as you have internet access!)

Hive is actually a British Gas product, and they used to be supplied and fitted exclusively by the company. However, now you can purchase your Hive thermostat from Amazon, Curry’s, or John Lewis and have your local installer fit it for you.

The main benefits

Some of the great benefits you can achieve from installing the Hive thermostat system include:

  • Manage your energy usage by gaining complete control of your central heating
  • Potentially save up to £150 a year on your energy bills
  • Control your central heating from your smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • It works with your existing central heating system
  • Can be installed regardless of your energy supplier
  • Never accidentally leave the heating on all day again
  • Great features including geolocation, hot water boost, temperature notifications, and setting schedules

Read more about what you can expect from Hive via the official website.

How much does it cost?

Traditionally, Hive costs £249.00 when supplied and fitted by British Gas. However, right now there is a special deal on Amazon where you can pick up this package (installed by British Gas) for just £199.00.

You may not find many deals for Hive online, as this product doesn’t tend to be stocked plumbing and heating merchants. This means engineers are reluctant to purchase as they are sold at retail price.

Some people do see it as a bit of an investment due to the high cost, and there is no replacement available if yours turns out to be faulty – apart from going back to high street stores or the website where you bought it.

Who should install Hive?

I’d be careful when selecting a company to install your Hive Active system, as larger companies can sometimes try to sell other services to you. One of my customers came to me when it was time to fit her boiler, having previously had Hive installed.

She told me the product and price seemed reasonable, but during and after installation of the Hive she felt the company had sold it to her as a ‘loss leader’, as they then tried to sell her boiler cover, drain cover, plumbing cover.

Afterwards, they kept calling to offer cheaper electricity. They also offered to power flush her central heating system at a very expensive cost which they had installed years before.

This is the main benefit of going with smaller, local installers: they will happily get the job done, without necessarily trying to sell you unwanted extras such as drain or plumbing cover.


If you feel it’s time you took control of your energy usage, I’d like to personally welcome you to the central heating revolution! There are so many great programmable multi-zone thermostats available nowadays, and many will even allow you to control them via your smartphone or tablet.

Hive, a British Gas product, has a sleek design and could help you save up to £150 on your energy bills (along with many other great benefits as mentioned above).

The system costs £249.00 supplied and fitted by British Gas, although you can very occasionally find deals elsewhere. Plus, you now can buy from Amazon, Curry’s or John Lewis and have your own installer supply and fit it for you.