Guests coming in and out of your holiday let?

It’s great when you’re getting a lot of business, but it also means a lot of trekking back and forth across town while you make sure everything is in good shape – and they’ve left the central heating on AGAIN!

Which brings me to my next question: wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could control the central heating remotely at the touch of a button?

Well, now you can.

Control your central heating remotely

Nowadays, you can use energy efficient remote controls to keep stock of multiple properties, without ever having to actually step inside the building – which is particularly handy if you run a few holiday lets at the same time.

As an example, I know someone who currently has five properties on the high street. He loves the convenience of key boxes, as people call or text from the airport and all he has to do is give them the directions to pick up the key.

Now, when he gets the call, he can also switch the heating on via his remote controls or smartphone app. It’s also great for when his guests go out for the day and forget to turn the heating off – he can easily set it so the heating doesn’t come on again until 5 o’clock at night.

Once his guests have left the property, they send him a courtesy text, and he’s able to turn the heating off straight away – ready for when the cleaner arrives in the afternoon, or the next day.

As long as you have the internet connection turned on in your property, it’s so incredibly simple – it’s actually a surprise not everyone’s doing it already!

Save on your energy bills

Now, imagine if you had five properties, all of them burning gas while the guests have either left the building – that’s a lot of extra, unnecessary expenditure, and a lot of extra stress while you run around switching everything off.

Energy efficiency remote controls mean that you can be in full control of the central heating in all of your properties, no matter where you are.

So, not only will you see a huge difference in your energy bills, you’ll also have less travel costs, and ultimate peace of mind when it comes to making sure your property’s heating is under control.

By turning the central heating on an hour before your guests arrive, and switching it off as soon as they leave, you’ll only be using up the energy you need, and not running up huge bills.

The cost

Currently, there are a few different energy efficient controls on the market that work via an internet connection. One of the most notable is Worcester Bosch’s Wave System, which will cost you about £280 to install and can even tell you exactly how much energy you’re currently using.

Another, more expensive option is the Honeywell Evo system, which will cost around £600 – £700 – so as you can see, the price really varies for these systems.

Other popular controls include:

  • Heat Genius (£250 – £500)
  • Owl (£150 – £250)
  • Heatmiser Neo (£199+)
  • Insteon (around £200)

Although some of these may seem pricey, you could argue that the amount you’ll save on your heating bills mean they’ll eventually pay for themselves over time. Worth it? You decide.


Energy efficient remote controls are a fantastic way to take back control of your holiday let’s central heating, and it means you’ll only be using up the energy you actually need – without having to trek across town to each individual property.

You can use these systems to turn your holiday let’s central heating on and off as guests come and go – and you can even set it to turn off while they’re out for the day.

Plus, because you’re not using up as much energy, you’re bound to see huge savings on your energy bills, so although some of these systems are pricey, they could end up paying for themselves eventually.

What do you think of energy efficient remote controls?