Are you confused about how often you need a Gas Safety certificate for your caravan?

You’re not the only one. Especially if you rarely use your caravan or mobile home, it might seem a little unnecessary to get a new gas certificate every year.

However, you’d be wrong.

Many people have asked me about this particular issue over the years, so I thought there was a real call for this blog post highlight the importance of your annual Gas Safety certificate.


Gas Safety regulations

According to Gas Safety regulations, if your static caravan is on a rented site, you must acquire a new gas certificate every year.

What’s more, if you are letting out your static caravan or mobile home – even if it’s just to friends and family – you must get an annual CP12 Landlord’s Gas Safety certificate.

In most cases, the responsibility falls to the owner to arrange an annual gas certificate, however the site agent will usually have the power to carry this out and bill the owner if it has not been carried out by the agreed deadline.

The importance of annual checks

We recently visited a caravan that was supplied by bottled gas, although the customer was not happy about having to arrange the inspection as they only used the holiday home one month in the year.

However, during inspection, it was found that the hose feeding the gas from the LPG bottles was degenerated through non-use, and the gas bottles had never been replaced in three years. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

This is why these safety inspections are carried out annually.

Advice when using LPG gas

Remember, LPG liquid gas used in caravans and mobile homes is very different from mains gas. Mains gas is lighter than air and if there’s a leak you can open windows and clear excess gas.

LPG is heavier than air and drops under the caravan or to floor level, so always be sure to ventilate underneath the caravan or mobile home.

Always keep your gas certficates up-to-date, store them for a minimum of two years, and check with your site agent if you are unsure of your responsibilities. If in doubt, visit the Gas Safe Register website.


If you’re unsure of how often you need to update your gas certificate, this blog explains all you need to know. According to Gas Safety regulations, your gas certificate or CP12 certificate must be updated every year.

Annual safety checks are incredibly important, as most caravans run on LPG (liquid gas) supplied by bottles. If not checked regularly, your caravan’s heating could become unsafe to use.

Remember to always ventilate underneath your mobile home or static caravan, keep your gas certificate up-to-date, and check with your site agent or the Gas Safe register if you are unsure.