Trying to work out exactly how much a Baxi boiler service costs?

Regardless of whether your Baxi boiler is still under warranty, or has done its duty for many long years, I’m sure you already know how important it is to get it serviced every year.

A standard boiler service provides peace of mind that your boiler is safe to use, but it also means it’s not slogging along and guzzling more fuel than necessary – potentially costing you more money!

Not to mention, if your Baxi boiler is under warranty, a service will keep that warranty valid for another year.

Having personally spent a lot of time fitting and servicing Baxi boilers in the Edinburgh area, I’m one of the best authorities there is. I can tell you about their most common faults and quirks just off the bat!

That’s why I’m going to shed a bit more light on the Baxi brand, as well as how much a Baxi boiler service costs.

Baxi boilers: a brief background

Good old British brand Baxi were very well-known for their famous back boilers back in the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s. However, they’ve had to keep up with the times. Gone are the days when old fire and back boilers featured in UK living rooms, but despite this, the brand is still going strong.

These days, they produce modern, high efficiency, A-rated boilers you can trust. And with parts readily available in the UK, they’re still a brand many engineers stock and sell.

In fact, Baxi remains a well-respected household name among homeowners, too. In the past, they did fall a bit behind, like many other boiler manufacturers around 15 – 18 years ago. This is when many tried alternative cheaper components and started manufacturing condensing boilers.

However, I think they all quickly learned from their mistakes, and now Baxi are back at the top of their game, with 7 – 10 year guarantees.

TIP: If you’ve recently moved house and don’t know how old your Baxi boilers is, a service could help you determine its age and life expectancy.

How much does an Baxi boiler service cost?

If your Baxi boiler is running as it should, without any known problems, a standard service should typically cost around £100 including VAT. Not all companies charge the same price, though. You may find some to be slightly cheaper, with national companies costing up to £120.

TIP: If you know your boiler has a fault, it’s always best to inform the engineer when you book. Otherwise, it could end up costing you more, in terms of both time and money!

I always recommend booking a service through a Baxi accredited installer, rather than a company who may be less experienced with the brand. This is because accredited installers go through rigorous training and have much more knowledge. It really makes a difference!

I’ve serviced many of the older Baxi Solo boilers in the past. They are so easy to work on, very reliable and lasted forever. I also have many customers with newer Baxi boilers, and we service them to keep them up-to-date with their 10-year guarantee.

What’s the best way to pay?

Some homeowners like to cover the cost of their Baxi boiler service up front. However, I’m finding these days that more and more are going for our service plan. It’s not limited to us, either – many Edinburgh companies offer the same.

Service plans are popular because they usually allow a customer to pay monthly – ours starts at £7.99 per month. This means they can spread out the cost of their boiler service over a year. It also makes it seem like a more manageable cost.

TIP: We also have other service plans to cover parts, labour and cover to the radiators, along with valves and pipework! Check out our servicing page for more information.

There’s also one other advantage of paying monthly. The responsibility of arranging your annual service will no longer fall on you as the homeowner anymore. Instead, the company has to get in touch with you, so you won’t have to worry about missing a service ever again!

From an engineer’s perspective

Uncertain about the age of your Baxi boiler? Google is your friend. If you can find the make and model number, you can easily do a search online. You can also check your paperwork (if you have it) to get a more exact idea of when your own boiler was installed.

Servicing old Baxi boilers is usually no issue, however, when thinking about spending money on repairs, remember even good brands like Baxi have a life span of 14 – 16 years.

For instance, I’d easily spend £300 repairing a 10-year-old wall-hung combi – there’s life in the old dog yet! However, if your Baxi is 13 or 14 years old, it may not be worth it. Instead, I’d consider investing in a replacement.

In fact, doing so and installing a new A-rated boiler could save you money on your energy bills!

Remember, engineers like myself have to put safety above other considerations (such as you having heating and hot water). We are governed by the Gas Safe Register.

Therefore, if we point out a problem or tell you a repair is necessary, it’s for good reason. It’s not just to be a jobsworth or to get money out of you!


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog post, and by now you should have a better idea of how much a Baxi boiler service costs. Remember, just like any gas appliance, you should never skimp on actual checks. If your boiler is older, even more reason to get it looked at!

Is an annual £90 service fee really worth risking people’s lives over? I didn’t think so.

Got any questions about arranging your Baxi boiler service? Feel free to leave them in the comments – I promise to answer just as soon as I can!