24462355_sYour Boiler’s broken Down, Again.  Time to call the service man, again.

Ask Yourself … “Is this boiler Worth fixing?” or is it time for a new boiler?

Nine ways to know for sure whether or not yo

ur boiler is beyond repair.

  1. If it’s been breaking down a lot over the past few years, and the engineers have told you “this boiler is old” it may time for a new boiler.
  2. If the engineer has told you, “It’s on the short parts list” meaning it’s difficult to find parts for your old boiler because your boiler’s obsolete, it may be time for a new boiler.
  3. If the price of your service contract keeps increasing, it’s a sure sign your boiler is beyond repair. Because your contract provider is covering their interests by billing you more.
  4. If your boiler is inefficient, and is costing you more money to produce the same level of comfort, there’s a good chance it’s beyond repair.
  5. If it’s broken down, and it’s an open-flued appliance, it’s definitely past its sell-by date.
  6. If your carbon monoxide detector keeps going off … it’s DEFINITELY time for a new boiler.
  7. If you’ve noticed your house and water aren’t coming up to temperature, it may be beyond repair.
  8. If you notice water coming out of a discharge pipe, it means your pressure vessel is malfunctioning, which leads to rust and sludge build up. Once these have set in, rust and sludge are very difficult to fix and your boiler may be beyond repair.
  9. If your boiler has been gurgling and making other horrendous noises. It’s probably time for a new boiler.

A broken boiler doesn’t need to be all bad news. The good news is! With your old broken down boiler out of the house, you have an opportunity to replace it with a new, energy efficient boiler that will save you money, and heat your home more efficiently over the long-haul!


Remember this … Ask yourself if your old boiler is worth fixing. Why keep throwing good money after bad? Boiler servicing isn’t cheap, and there’s no guarantee the repairs will last. A new boiler comes with a guarantee. Why not take the money you were going to spend on boiler servicing, and put it towards a down payment on a new boiler?


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