Are you looking to have a new Worcester Bosch boiler installed in your home?

You may already know that going with a Worcester Bosch installer can bring plenty of advantages and benefits, such as extended guarantees, expert training and knowledge, and fantastic tips on taking care of your central heating system.

But wait a minute, where do you find these incredible people? Well, actually, Worcester Bosch has a database of accredited installers based all across the country – in fact, we’re even accredited by brand here at Superwarm.

However, if you’re looking for someone to install your new Worcester Bosch boiler in Edinburgh, you do have options. Below, you’ll find five of the best Worcester Bosch installers in Edinburgh.

1. Scott Findlay

First up, we have family-run business, Scott Findlay, dedicated to carrying out plumbing and heating services in the city – which could be a bonus if you’re also looking for bathrooms and showers. As far as I’m aware, they only fit Worcester Bosch boilers. They’re also very big on providing top customer service.

The company has been known to carry out some work for architects and builders, and I find them very honest; they won’t take on jobs which are too big or that they don’t have the knowledge to do. Scott Findlay always go by the book, and really care about their customers, so won’t cut any corners.

2. TB Mackay Energy Services

Long-established Edinburgh company TB Mackay Energy Services employ many engineers in the area and provide Worcester Bosch installation, services and maintenance. What’s great about this company is that they cover call-outs 365 days-a-year, so are very well-equipped to help you out of a tight spot.

TB Mackay also has a very large service department, and carry a large stock of parts for quick and straightforward repairs (no waiting around whilst parts are ordered in). They also carry out plumbing, electrical and building work.

3. P Blackhall Plumbing & Heating

Another family-run company, P Blackhall Plumbing & Heating have been long-established in Edinburgh (since 1913) and are well-known for providing plumbing, solar, electrical and bathroom work with great attention to detail. Their customer service and satisfaction is second to none, which I can vouch for.

So, if you want to take advantage of over 100 years of combined experience in the plumbing and heating industry, give them a call.

4. First Call Home Assist

Specialising in carrying out energy-saving measures from loft insulation to boiler replacements, First Call Home Assist carry out a lot of work for private customers and social housing. They can get you various deals through grants and government offers, with finance and funding available if you need it.

And just like the rest of us accredited installers, they can also offer up to 10-year warranties on Worcester Bosch boilers.

5. Aspire Trade Services

Last but not least, Aspire Trade Services are a great local company who carry out plumbing, heating and small renovations on Edinburgh homes. I met Ricky (the managing director) when we were at the Worcester Bosch factory, so I can personally vouch for him as an installer.

He’s a hard-working guy who always makes time to call his customers and check his jobs are going to plan, so you can be sure your home and new boiler will be in good hands.

From an engineer’s perspective

Most accredited installers have a great deal of respect for one another; there’s no undercutting or negative talk about other accredited businesses, so it’s like being part of a nice, extended family. I think the reason it’s so positive is that we all provide a good quality service and share the same trade knowledge.

I know that if we’re too busy to take on any new customers, I’m personally more than happy to recommend fellow Worcester Bosch installers in Edinburgh, and they’ve also returned to favour to us more times than I can count.

However, saying this, I’d still recommend getting 2 – 3 fixed priced quotations (not estimates) from accredited engineers, just so you can be sure you’re getting a good deal. Fixed price quotes ensure you know exactly what you’re paying before you agree to any work carried out.

The rest is just common sense; never hand cash or money over up front (only when the job is completed to a satisfactory standard), and ensure your Worcester Bosch accredited installer is going to register your 8 – 10 year guarantee and provide you with proof of this.


I hope this blog has given you some options when finding a Worcester Bosch installer in Edinburgh – you have some great options above, so I wish you every chance of success in finding someone that can provide you with an extended guarantee and fantastic quality service.

Got any questions about buying a Worcester Bosch boiler? Feel free to leave a comment below, or get in touch with me directly – I’m happy to give free help and advice.