CP12 Certificate

Do you need to arrange a landlords’ CP12 certificate (landlords saftey certificate) for your rented property?

As a responsible landlord, you’re probably looking for a company to provide you with a swift, professional service to ensure you fulfill all your legal requirements – after all, your annual CP12 certificate isn’t something you can afford to take any risks with.

That’s due to CP12s being absolutely mandatory for all UK landlords, and the fact they need to be arranged on an annual basis for the safety of your tenants. I like to think of it as similar to a car MOT, only you’re ensuring the safety and running of all the gas appliances in your property.

As an experienced engineer, I often advise my customers on what they need to look out for when arranging their CP12 certificate, along with what should be included in the service.

An introduction to CP12 certificates

As you probably know, it’s so important to ensure a gas safety check is carried out on your rented property every year, as well as within 12 months of installing a new appliance (like a boiler) or flue provided to tenants.

Your gas safety checks should always be carried out by a professional, qualified Gas Safe Registered engineer, and a CP12 certified issued to state all of your gas appliances are safe for use by anyone living in your property.

Again, it is a legal requirement for all landlords and letting agents to arrange for a CP12 certificate within a year of their last gas safety checks, and this should cover all connected gas appliances, including gas fires and ovens (disconnected gas appliances do not apply, but may still be noted).

TIP: Your CP12 certificate should be kept for a minimum of two years, with copies issued to tenants within 28 days of the gas safety check in question. Copies should also be issued to each new tenant before they move in.

What to look for when arranging your CP12

Whether you own multiple properties, or are just letting out your property to friends or family members, here are some of the things to look out for when arranging your next CP12 certificate:

  • Your CP12 should be issued by a Gas Safe registered engineer or company
  • You should be able to request digital copies of your CP12 for safekeeping
  • The company should also be able to provide PAT (portable appliance testing) checks
  • You should be able to request a bulk discount on mutilple properties (10% – 25%)
  • The company you choose should be easily to contact if/when necessary
  • You should always receive a fixed price quote before agreeing to any work
  • The engineer should be fully qualified (in cases with unvented cylinders, LPG gas etc.)
  • The company should be able to carry out repairs if/when necessary

TIP: Want to know how much you can expect to pay for a CP12 certificate? Read our CP12 Costs Explained blog to learn more.

The benefits of arranging your next CP12 with Superwarm

When arranging your annual gas safety checks and CP12 certificate with Superwarm, you can expect all of the above, plus a friendly reminder of when your next safety check is due – so you won’t have to worry about the possibility of missing your next annual check.

Are you interested in arranging your annual CP12 certificate with Superwarm? Call us on 0131 336 4466 or get in touch today for a fixed price quote.



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